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Leasing and Sales

We work hard to lease your property quickly

If you want to buy or sell a property leave it to our experienced and licensed team!

Here are our services that can help you lease, buy, or sell your property:

  • Dallas – Fort Worth Multiple Listing Service Marketing
    • Matt Hartmann is a licensed realtor with 20+ years of experience leasing, selling, or buying real estate.
    • We use Texas Association of Realtors standard promulgated forms, leases, and contracts.
    • We market your property on multiple websites, through the DFW MLS, that thousands of potential tenants use to find their next rental home.
    • We also list your property on our personal website for tenants to view.
    • We take high-quality photos to show your property in the best light to attract potential tenants.
  • Tenant Screening
    • We have a very detailed and exhaustive process to screen potential tenants to find the best tenant for your property.
    • This allows us┬áto retain tenants for longer periods of time and renew leases with great tenants.
    • Read more here.
  • Lease-Only Services
    • If you still want to maintain the management of your property but want some help finding great tenants quickly, we can offer you our lease-only service.
    • We have years of experience leasing a variety of residential and commercial properties and can help you to find the best tenant for your property.
  • Property Purchasing and Sales
    • If you are interested in purchasing a home, our licensed team can help you with your home purchase
    • We also provide investment consultations.
      • If you are interested in investing in a rental property, we can help you purchase a rental home and manage the property for you.
      • We can develop a expected statement of income and expenses on the property.
    • If you decide to sell your home, condo, or investment property we can also help sell your property.
      • We market your property on the DFW Multiple Listing Service.
      • We have your property professionally photographed.