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Tenant Screening

Screening tenant applicants to find the right tenant is one of the most important parts of managing your property. Properly screening tenants will develop a more stable and reliable investment by finding reliable tenants. This is a very difficult task to do correctly. Our years of experience in property management and leasing have taught us how to spot the differences between a great tenant and a difficult tenant. We use a professional background service and have a very detailed application process refined over many years that allows us to find you a great tenant.


Here are some of the processes and benefits of your tenant screening service:

Every tenant is run through a Nationwide credit check to ensure that they have a strong history of reliable payments.

Another part of our tenant screening service is to ensure that they will treat the property well. So, we check to make sure that tenant applicants do not have any history of destroying rental property or other criminal activity
Landlords can always tell you how well a tenant treated their property and their rental payment history. We always check with the current and prior landlords of each tenant to verify that they have left their former property in good condition.
To some people, this may seem like an unnecessary step in rental verification. But, we understand that doing the extra work to find a great tenant minimizes the risk of long-term vacancy, eviction, or other disruptions in income.
We also verify each applicant’s employment to ensure that they will be able to support themselves and pay the rent on the property.